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To make your training plan more flexible

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For people who prefer flexibility and see a gym as an add-on to their health.



For people who want a short term commitment to improve their health



For people who see the gym as a constructive part of their health


To make your fitness journey better 

Core Challenge

Beginner program

Join our 3-Month Health Program where you will learn all the basics about health. In 10 weekly classes we will dive deep in several topics. You will learn how your muscles work, why certain techniques work better than others and which common mistakes are made. We will teach you the basics of nutrition so you can develop your own feasible diet plan. You will also get more knowledge about mental health, sleep, injuries etc. 

Intermediate classes

The intermediate program is made for those who know their way around the gym but are getting stuck on the same level. You can sign up for special group classes.


For example: On Wednesday from 18:00 - 19:00 we have a chest-class. We will explain in a group setting on a deeper level everything around chest and look at your posture and plan. 

Mobility Challenge
Female Fitness Trainer

Peace & privacy

If you know everything about health, fitness and are really determined to your goals you want limited interruptions in your workout. You can block an extra spot so there will be less people in the gym or book the gym just for you and your friends.

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