Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

Raza is personal trainer and lifestyle coach. He is the founder of HomeGym.

He did his bachelor’s in medicine and worked for more than 10 years at a general practice center in The Hague.

In 2013, Raza had a traumatic accident which made him sit at home. The revalidation process was difficult until he decided to self-rehabilitate. Therefore, he built his own gym at home which marked the beginning of HomeGym. By now, HomeGym has been expanded to a professional gym with a homely feeling located in the city center of The Hague.

Raza plays cricket since he’s 14 years old and became an expert in hyper focusing. He helped plenty of people to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

With his background as a medical professional, he is the ideal trainer for anyone who wants to train and has health related issues.



Personal Trainer

Didi is a certified fitness trainer by NL Aktief.

Didi first gained interest in fitness when she hired a personal trainer to help her lose weight and get fitter. She was never very good in sports at school, but ever since she stepped into the gym, she developed a fond interest in strength and conditioning training. Finally, she decided to become a trainer herself to help others get fitter and find joy in working out. That’s when she became a certified fitness trainer and helped her clients to become stronger and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

I specialize in people who have no or little experience in fitness and might even be intimidated to step into the gym. I will help you achieve your goals and guide you around the gym.




Umair’s passion lays in boxing. He can teach you all about the basics of boxing.

If you’re a beginner and want to get a first impression in what it’s like to train like a boxer, Umair is your perfect fit.

He will teach you the fundamentals and get you fit to step into the ring.